Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Free QT sandwich!

Look in the coupons on my sidebar (click to see all coupons-it will open another page) for another Free sandwich coupon from QT! They seem to be reloading this coupon at least once a month and it's been twice this month. I just printed some more from each of my computers so I have free lunch for everyone for tomorrow!

Some Walgreens deals

There's a few good deals at Walgreens right now. Some of these coupons expire 12/31, so you'd need to do the deal tomorrow.
The Olay Regenerist face cleaner is 20% off this week and there are $3 coupons from the 11/29 PG (exp. 12/31). The new PG from this past Sunday advertises a $15 rebate when you buy 2 Olay regenerist products. The rebate form is online at
The face cleanser is $5.83 on sale this week- buy 2 and use 2 of the $3 coupons and pay $5.66 plus tax oop and send for the $15 rebate!

The Bayer meters are on sale again for $14.99 and produce a $5 RR. This time around, though, there is a seperate $5 RR for the contour and for the breeze. There is also another $3 RR when you buy 2 bayer products. SO, buy one of each meter at the same time, use the free coupons from 10/25 and just pay tax. You will get back $13 in RR!

There is another RR deal from unilever for a $4 RR when you buy 1 Theraflu and 1 Lipton tea. The theraflu is $3.99 right now and there is a $2 WG coupon in the Healthy savings booklet that expires 12/31. There is also a $2 printable theraflu coupon-look on my sidebar to print this. I got the bog box of lipton tea which was $4.79 and I used a $.50 coupon from 11/15 RP. There was a smaller box that was $3.49, but it was decaf and I need my caffeine. If you can use all coupons, you could get the big box of tea and the theraflu for $.29 after the RR or about a $1 MM with the smaller decaf box. I was not able to use both coupons tonight because the WG coupon is ringing up as a manufacturer coupon and it wouldn't take both coupons together no matter how they rang it up. The manager would not push it through either since the total left after one coupon was $1.99 and the other coupon was $2. So I paid more than I had planned, but I did get the $4 RR.

Look for Revlon on clearance! This week, Revlon is b1g1 free except for lip and nail products. I got a bunch of eyeliners for $2.19 and they also rang b1g1 free and some lip glosses at $2.19. I used a $2 coupon for each one, even the free ones, so these were a MM and helped pay for my other purchases.

I also went by CVS to check the Christmas clearance. It's still 50% and I am waiting for at least 75%. I decided to get one of the colgate that is $2.99 with a $2 ECB. I had a $1 coupon and a $2 ECB, so free and then got $2 back. They were also putting clearance stickers on a lot of makeup while I was there, so I pulled out my Revlon coupons. All the ones I got were 75% off and most were under $2, so I made sure I had enough $ in makeup to cover the coupons I had left. For some reason the register wouldn't take my last coupon even though I had $2.06 left in makeup to use it on. I just took it back and will go back for more later. Though I could not make money on the makeup at CVS, I had more choices on the clearance stuff than at Walgreens. I got some eye shadows, lipsticks, and a mascara. I am going to pull out all my makeup coupons and go back tomorrow and see what else I can get cheap or free. They had a ton of makeup on clearance in almost every brand!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Cleaning the stockpile

I did some cleaning out of my HBA stockpile today. This is the cabinet in my closet. This cabinet is taller than me. :)
Top shelf is toothpastes, toothbrushes, floss, mouth wash,face cleaners, and feminine products. Second row is mostly men's products- razors, shave gels and after shaves, face cleaner, deodorants. There are also some girls razors and shave gels on the left side. Next shelf is mom's shampoos,hair color, face stuff, body wash, and lotions. The bottom shelf is for kid's use- shampoos, body washes, lotions, hair products.

These are going under the sink in the older girls' bathroom.

This is a shopping bag full of just mascara!

My makeup basket. You can't tell, but it is really big! I have foundations, eye shadows, blushes, lip stuff, nail stuff, and eyeliners in here as well as some makeup puffs. Probably a good 75-100 items in here alone.

Travel size shampoos, face scrubs, etc.

Brushes and heat patches.

Excess hair colors and products. I actually have several more bins full of other stuff for yard sales or donations like glucose meters, deodorants, etc.

More toothpaste, deodorants to give away.

Now I have enough to last a while, but not too much and I can start building again after Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sonicare toothbrush at Walgreens!

I'm doing some orders at Walgreens today to take advantage of the 15% off and $5/$25 RR as I posted before. But here's a really good deal I wanted to post separately in case anyone wants to get one. The Sonicare toothbrush is normally $74.99 and is on sale for $49.99. With the 15% off, it is $42.49. There is a $10 MF coupon 11/22 SS and there is a $10 Walgreens coupon-look for a handout of coupons at the front of the store. These coupons are just printed out from a printer-though some stores had different colored paper-it's not a booklet. This brings your total down to $22.49 plus you get the $5 holiday RR for spending $25 and there is a $10 rebate out for this too! (Rebate can be printed online- got one at my dentist's office.) Counting the $5 RR and the $10 rebate, your final price for this $75 toothbrush is $7.49 plus tax!
I added some small cans of fruit ($.39 with WC) as fillers and used a $5 RR (not the holiday one-these don't roll!) and $4 RR, so I paid $16.90 in store with tax and I'll send off for the $10 rebate.

Walgreens 15% discount today and tomorrow!

If you are not a fan of Walgreens on facebook, you should be! You can print a coupon there for 15% off your order good for today and tomorrow only. I plan on doing a bit of shopping today and stacking this with the $5/$25 RR. You have to give the coupon first before you start ringing out so they can apply the discount. I am thinking that this will automatically take 15% off everything as it rings up, so you will need more items to get to the $25. To use the coupon, you have to check out at the photo or cosmetic counter and you need to hand them the coupon before you start checking out.

Here's the small print from the coupon:
*Discounts available to the public December 18.
**Offer not valid on prescriptions, cigarettes, dairy products, liquor, liquor department items, phone cards, newspapers, magazines, stamps and gift cards or where otherwise limited by law. Also not valid toward Prescription Savings Club membership fee. Limit one card per person per purchase. Card must accompany purchase. Offer valid only on in-store purchases.

Go here to become a fan on facebook then click the "fan offer" tab on their page.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Making my own deals at Albertsons

Not too many deals this week but I still need some groceries. So I put together my own deal for Albertsons. I had 3 coupons for a free tombstone product that I got from the company a while back. Since it's a busy night for everyone tonight, this will be dinner. I pulled together other items I had coupons for that would make them free or almost free and got enough to reach $30 so I could use the fresh & easy coupon. (actually had almost $40 worth before coupons)
Here's how my order broke down:
3 Tombstone pizzas $4.99 each- $4.99 coupons each= Free
3 Breyers ice cream $1.99 wyb 3- $.75 coupon each-doubled= $.99 each
1 All detergent- used $2.99 safeway coupon then $2 MF coupon= $.99
2 packs boneless chicken @ $8- $2 WT= @ $6
1 ALbertsons butter $2- $.30 peelie quad. to $1= $1
2 Carmex $1- $.50 coupons each doubled (printables from email mailing list)= Free
Then I used the fresh & easy $3/$30 and a Fry's $3/ $15 frozen mailer coupon.
I paid $6.10 with tax.

I also want to go back to get some of the Campbell's cream soups that are $.79. I have $.4/2 coupons to use on these and they will be great for getting my totals up to use the F&E coupons. These are also on sale at Walgreens for $.69 and I have $1.00/4 coupons to use there and will use these to boost my total for the $5/$25 RR.
That's all the shopping I have time for now. Have to go study for my final.

Walgreens- a few deals

I haven't done any Walgreens shopping this week yet. I was waiting until today since they have the $5/$25 RR again today and tomorrow (Wed.-Thur.) only. After two weeks of great deals, there's not a lot this week, though. I will be getting a few of the b1g1 free toys. Then there's the complete solution that's $7.99 with a $8 RR. We have a $1 coupon for these, so a small money maker. The gillette fusion razor is $8.99 with a $4 coupon and $4 RR. There's also a huggies diaper deal for anyone needing diapers.
The new grocery ads came out today too, and I don't see much there either. There's one or two things at each store I will likely get, but nothing to run around and chase all week.
Though I miss the great deals, it's not a bad thing for me since I have finals this week for school and really need to concentrate n those instead of chasing deals. I still have a little bit of Christmas shopping left to do, so I will finish that up this weekend.

Here's a little wrap up of what I got last week at Walgreens- mostly between Wednesday and Saturday.
12 Triaminics
5 Renu double packs
8 Just for men
12 Stayfree
3 Scunci
5 Conair brush sets
6 Chinet plates
8 Kellogg's cereals
5 Neutrogena for men
3 Stimudent
5 Ritz crackers
19 $9.99 toys
I also got a lot of other stuff as fillers like eggs, noodles, etc. and quite a few more gifts from taking the kids shopping for each other (makeup kits, twilight books, several bakugan sets, calendars, socks, nail stuff and kits, and more.

Total #'s: @ $712 in merchandise, spent @ $82 oop which is a savings of @ 89%.
And yes, all of this is stuff we will use or I will give to someone I know who can use it (like the just for men-for my dad). It was a fun week!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More Walgreens fun!

Another trip to Walgreens tonight yielded all this. This was done in two transactions though.

First transaction I got:
4 Kellogg's cereals $1.99 each & used $5/4 printable
1 Stayfree $1.99 & used $1 printable
1 Just for men $6.99 & used $2 printable
1 Conair brush set $2
2 Chinet plates & used 2- $1 coupons and b1g1 free WC(only took off $2.01 instead of $2.50)
3 Ramen noodles $1
1 mini canister $.39 (with in-ad coupon)
I used a $10 rr from the Renu. I paid $4.80 oop and got back these RR:
$2, $7, $2, $5(wyb $25)total of $16 RR.

Then I did this transaction:
Conair brush set $2
Stayfree $1.99- used $1 printable
Neutrogena mens $4.99
2 Kraft mac & cheese- $.69 each with in-ad coupon
eggs (not pictured) $.99
Stim-u-dent $2
1 $9.99 toy- used $4 in-ad coupon
Revlon makeup mirror $4.99- used $1 coupon (tried the $3 beauty tool coupon, but didn't work)
I used 2-$7 RR from the JFM and 1- $5 RR from triaminic.
I paid $4.71 oop. (should have been $1.71 if my $3 coupon had worked,)
I got back in RR: $2, $2, $2, $5, $5 for a total of $16 in RR

When I found out the revlon mirror wouldn't work for the $3 coupon, I couldn't take it off my order since I needed it to hit the $25 mark, and since the cashier had already scanned all my coupons, taking it off would have created a negative total. So I may just keep it, or I may take it back and get a refund.

The Just for men rang up correctly at this store, so no price adjusting needed. I will also send off for the rebate for this and get $8 back on that! I have heard some people are finding some colors of this product on clearance and they are producing the RR. I have not found any yet at the 3 stores I checked, but I'm going to keep on looking!

I spent $18.40 oop today and I have $29 in RR left. Hoping to get my totals lower when I go back tomorrow thru saturday as that's a lot to spend oop for me for freebies!

Walgreens $5/ $25 RR and special ad Wed.- Sat.

There's a special Walgreens ad today through Saturday with some free stuff and the $5 RR when you buy $25 of anything is back! I saved all my shopping for Walgreens until today to take advantage of this RR. I'm glad I did since I was going to use my $2 All detergent coupons to get the bottles for $1.50 at Walgreens, but they are on sale now at Albertsons for $2.99, so $.99 after coupons!

Anyway, I got a few things this morning. I got the Renu twin pack for $9.99 and get a $10 RR back and the Just for men touch of grey for $6.99 and get a $7 RR. I had a $2 printable coupon for both of these, so they were both $2 money makers! The just for men did not ring up at the sale price, though so I had to get a refund for that. (Watch those prices.)

I also got the stayfree which is $1.99. I used a $1 printable coupon and got the $2 RR back. The Scunci head bands are $2 with a $2 RR- my girls love these.

The chinet plates are $2.50 and I used $1 coupons for each and there's a b1g1 free coupon in the weekly ad. These should come out to $.25 each. But my ad coupon only took off $4.02 instead of $5, so they were about $.50 each. I didn't go back to fix that issue.

The triaminic is on sale for $5 each and you get a $5 RR when you buy 2. We have $3 coupons that just came out for the thin strips and there's a $2 walgreens coupon in the older healthy savings booklet. (I picked that up in October.) That makes these free except for tax and then you get the $5 RR! So, a $5 MM! BUT, the walgreens coupon does not work-at least not at my stores. I have had the managers try it every way they could, but it just won't scan. So, they price adjusted the thin strips down to $3 each and then I used my $3 coupons. I still got them free, but it was a pain. If you are doing this one, I suggest you give them the walgreens coupon first so they can't say its because you used manufacturer coupons and then they should be able to price adjust for you.

I did the triaminic seperate and paid $.53 oop tax and got the $5 RR. Then I did the rest all in one order and paid $8.36 oop (used $13 in RR on this also) and got $21 in RR for the products and the $5 RR for "spending" $25.

The $25 is before all walgreens and manufacturer coupons. I like this promotion better than the coupons they send out since I can get my oop down and still get the $5 RR!

I did not get two of the freebies- I couldn't find the stim-u-dent, but I will be making more trips to get those and more of the freebies. I also plan on getting some of the $5.99 toys. Since that involves a coupon, I should be able to get 2 toys (ring up at $9.99 each) and @ $5 of other stuff and still get the $5 RR.
I am also excited about the stayfree as I have 3 teen girls and I haven't had a good deal on those in a while. I'm also going to pick up some of the brushes for free since those disappear around here.

I don't know if the $5 RR will roll into another $25 deal as I didn't try it. But I might just save those up for the kids to use for their Christmas shopping.