Friday, February 12, 2010

Walgreens 15% discount today and tomorrow!

If you don't already know, Walgreens has a coupon out good for today only for 15% off. You can print it out here. You have to check out in cosmetics or photo to use this coupon and give it to them before they start ringing you up.
I hadn't done any of my Walgreens shopping this week, so I headed out today to get some of the deals.
Here's what I got:
Dove men's body wash $5.99 or $5.09 after 15% off and used $1.25 coupon, get back $6 RR
3 Musketeer bars (reg. ones only) buy 4, use $.49 in ad coupon and with 15% off they come to @ $.42 each or $1.69 for 4 and you get back $1.50 RR
Nabisco oreos $.99 or $.84 after 15%, used $1/2 coupons for $.34 each
Kotex pads $3 or $2.55 after 15%, used $2/2 coupon to pay $3.10 for 2 and get back $3 RR when you buy 2
Super Poligrip-small size $2 or $1.70 after 15%, used $1 coupon to pay $.70 and got back $2 RR
Covergirl makeup is b1g1 50% after 15%, one was $10.19, the other was $5.09. I used a B1G1 free coupon for $10.19 off and a $1 coupon to pay $4.09 for 2
Gillette Venus embrace $7.64 after 15%, used $2 coupon to pay $5.64 and got back $4 RR
Olay body wash $8.49 and $7.47 after 15%-got two different kinds at two different stores. Used free coupon when you buy Venus razor-both free
And I stocked up on the big roll TP for $.59 each after 15% off

I used RR from the last two weeks and paid @ $10 oop for both orders. I could have spent less, but I had limited time today, so instead of breaking the orders down, I just did everything all at once. I got $31 in RR back to use later.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some fry's deals this week

I did a lot of shopping last week, but not a lot of posting. This week is not as good for deals, but there are a couple of deals that are worth looking at.

I went to Fry's this morning and they have a $3 off when you buy 10 items event going on. I bought 20 of the specific items and got $6 taken off.

Here is what I got:
6 Banquet meals- These are $.69 each after deal and I had a $1/6 coupon from on the package (from when we bought them before.) I specifically looked for more that had the coupons on them and got that kind. After the coupon, they were about $.52 each.

2 Banquet sausage- these are $.89 after the deal and I used the $.35/1 coupon (doubled) from the packages to get them for $.19 each.

4 Gatorade G2- $.69 after deal and used $1/2 coupons, so $.19 each

6 Pillsbury grands- $.89 after deal, used $.30/2 coupons (doubled), so $.54 each. When you buy 6 of these, though, you get a $4 catalina. So you pay $3.24 and get $4 back! These types of catalinas will roll, so after the first purchase, you can keep going without spending money until you run out of coupons.

2 Purex- $2.19 after deal- used $.35/1 coupons (doubled) to pay $1.49 each. When you buy 2 of these, you get a $4 catalina. So pay $2.98 for 2 and get $4 back!

There are a few other good deals, but these are the ones I'm doing this week at fry's.