Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Albertson's free stuff!

Since I missed the Fry's sale today, I stopped by Albertson's after my class to get my deals fix.
I got these for $1 each after my coupons:
Nature valley nut clusters
Nature Valley Granola bars
Trix kid's yogurts
Cinnamon toast crunch cereal

I paid $1.50 for the other cereals with $1/2 coupons and $.99 each for the bacon.

I used a $3/30 fresh & Easy coupon and paid $14.70 oop and I got $14 in catalinas back. SO I can go back tomorrow and get more stuff totally free oop and get more cat's to roll! Plus, I again got movie ticket codes on all my cereal boxes. You can get one movie ticket for two codes, so I will have 3 more free movie tickets now! I love movie ticket deals!

Sitting this one out

As I have been couponing for a while, I know that you can't get every deal every time. Still sometimes it's sad to have to miss a deal.

I had planned to hit Fry's today for their Halloween madness sale. It's today from 3pm-9pm only and they have special deals during that time. Unfortunately, I will not get to go. :(

The few things I really wanted were the Bar-s bacon which would be $.47 after coupons and the pop secret popcorn which would be $.38 after coupons and the chocolate chips for $.97 each. If I went, I would have got some of the apples too that were $.99 for a 3lb bag and maybe some of the candy- the wonka bags are $1.67 and there's a $2 printable.

But this morning started with my computer going all wonky and since the deals I wanted needed printable coupons, I couldn't get them to print. So I went to the kid's computer during lunch time (when they would not be doing schoolwork) to try and print some there and it wanted me to install the "coupon printer" again, for like the 100th time! Of course, to do this, you need to be an administrator and my husband had put a password on the admin account so I couldn't get into it. I texted him and he sent me the password, but it didn't work. So still no coupons.

Then I had to drive across town to pick up some gloves for my husband because he needed them for riding his bike and he couldn't get home in time to go get them himself. And I took the kids to the library. Then my two older girls had to leave for their dance group tonight leaving me at home with the 3 youngest ones.

So, now I am at home with no coupons to go shopping with, no babysitters, and I am not going to take these little ones into the "madness" to do some shopping, I will come out with a huge headache.

Of course, about the time my husband gets home and can get me into the admin side to be able to print coupons, I have to leave for my night class and I should get home right about 9:00pm. When the sale ends.

Oh well, you win some and you lose some. So, though it is involuntary, I am sitting this one out. (I'll make up for it with all the other deals this week.) ;)

Fry's Mega sale-lot's of free groceries! 10/28-11/3

Fry's has a great sale this week with lots of free stuff and cheap stuff! PYP has a great list matched up with coupons.
Fry's is also doubling, tripling, etc.-every coupon (below $1 value) is worth $1.
They are also taking competitor coupons-this was on the back page of the business section of Wednesday's paper (10/28). You might want to have a copy with you as my cashier did not know this and I had nothing to show her, so I was not able to use my $3/$30 fresh & easy coupon.

The mega sale takes off $5 for every 10 participating items you buy, so basically you save $.50 per item. Here's some of what I got: (prices are after the $5 comes off)
Tombstone pizzas: $1.99 used $1.50/2 coupons- Final price $1.25 each
Keebler fudge shop cookies: $.99 each used $1.50/2 printable coupon-Final price $.24 each
Banquet brown & serve sausage: $.89 each used $.35 coupons from meals boxes-Final price $.11 overage each!
Cheez-its: $.99 each- used $1.50/2 coupon-Final price $.24 each
Halls cough drops: $.50 each-used $.35 coupons-Final price $.50 overage each!
Betty Crocker potatoes: $.99 each-used $.25 coupons-Final price $.01 overage each
Quaker instant oatmeal: $1.99 each-used $1.25/2 coupon-Final price $1.37 each
Kleenex: $.99 each-used $.50/3 coupon-Final price $.66 each
Kotex: $2.00 each-used $2/2 coupon-Final price $1.00 each
Playtex gloves: $.50 each-used $1 coupons-Final price $.50 overage each!

Milk- $1.47

Everything I got except the milk was part of the buy 10 get $5 off sale. The kleenex and oatmeal were not great prices, but we needed them and the overage from the other items helped make up for those. This type of sale is great since it takes off the $5 at the end, the coupons will double up to the original price before the discount. So those items that are $.50 after the sale are actually $1, then the $5 comes off at the end. That means the coupons double up to the $1 and creates overage! But you also have to be careful, if your count is off by just one item or youpick up an item that is not participating, your $5 will not come off.

Look to the side on my blog for some of the printable coupons I used!

Albertsons deals this week! Free cereal, free movie tickets, free yogurt, and cheap produce!

Albertsons has some good deals this week. My daughter took the photos and for some reason she left some of the items out. Things I got that were not pictured here were 4 packs John Morrell hot dogs- these are $.49 each with the coupon in the ad and there's a limit of 4. I also got two boxes of Cinnamon toast crunch-these are on sale for $2 each and I used 2 printables for $.55/1 (doubled to $1) making them $1 each. These were supposed to generate a $2 OYNO catalina, but it wasn't working. They gave me $2 cash back. As a bonus, the boxes I got had a code for a free movie ticket when have two codes. So, two boxes of cereal and one movie ticket for free!

Shown in the photo I got 2- 3lb bags of apples @ $.99 each with the in-ad coupon (limit 2), bananas are $.39/lb, whole chickens are $.48/lb, and pork chops are $.88/lb.

They also have a 12oz package of bacon for $.99 with in-ad coupon (limit 1) and for the cereal deal, you can also get Yoplait yogurt packs, Nature valley granola bars, Betty Crocker fruit snacks, or Fiber one toaster pastries or bars. Each one is $2 and you get $2 OYNO when you buy 2. There are coupons out for most of these making them free or cheap after OYNO. I will be getting some of the kid's yogurts next with the $.35/1 coupons, they will be free after the coupons and deal.

Albertsons is still doubling, tripling, and quadrupling coupons.

Friday, October 9, 2009

More Albertsons and a little Walgreens

I did some more shopping at Albertsons. I got some more of the same items as before and some stuff they didn't have in stock the first day I went in. On the buy 6, get $3 off sale, I got free: G.G. Steamers, Chex mix, Totinos Pizza rolls, and Progresso Broth. I also got some Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and crescent rolls. I bought 4 at a time of these and used $.50/2 coupons that doubled making them $1 each after coupons and the sale. But when you buy 4, you get a $2.50 OYNO catalina. Which, when used on your next order of the rolls, it brings the price down to $1.50 for four or $.37 each. You can also buy 3 and get $2 back or 5 and get $3 back. The buy 3, get $2 back is the best deal for the catalina part, but my coupons are off of 2, so I am buying in 4's.
On the buy 10 get 3 free conagra deal, I got hunt's can tomatoes for about $.44 a can with $.45/3 coupons, Crunch & munch free after $.35 coupons tripled and banquet meals for about $.60 each with $.60/6 coupons from inside the boxes. Also inside the banquet meal boxes are coupons for $.35/1 of the Banquet sausage. These are $1, so free after coupons are tripled.
I also got more Tony's pizzas. The smaller single serve pizzas are free with the $.50 coupons and the larger family size pizzas are $1.38 each after the $1/2 coupons. Both coupons were from this past Sunday's paper. I found that if you buy the large and small pizzas together, the $.50/1 for the smaller pizzas doubles all the way to $1 giving you some overage. If you buy just the smaller pizzas, these coupons double only to $.88 making them free.
I piked up some bananas which are on sale $.39 a lb and some hamburger that was marked down to $.99 a lb and I used some Walgreens RR to help pay the oop costs.
I have had lots of problems with coupons not scanning or not doubling with this sale, so make sure you watch your coupons and pick a good cashier! I have had two cashiers who were able to fix the coupon issues when they happened and two who really screwed up my totals when the coupons didn't work right! I have paid $11.50 more than I expected to so far because of coupon issues. I am very tempted to go in and run 6 of the same items at a time and do separate orders. That way, only the coupons for that one type of item is coming off the order. At least that way I would know where the problems are. But I probably won't do that unless the store is dead when I get there.

I used up some RR at Walgreens for this 5 lb bag of rice and rolled some into another Vaseline lotion. (That is a monthly deal.) I also picked up some cookies since these are on sale for $1 and I have $1/2 coupons from the Kraft coupon booklet that came out a while back and I also have $.75/2 coupons from the inserts. Not free, but I love my oreos!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Free Lunch!

If you do coupons, you know there is such a thing as a free lunch! QT has a printable coupon out right now for a free sandwich, wrap, or salad! I got this ham and cheddar sandwich and it was good! You can print the coupon once-look for it in my side bar on the left. (Click to "see all coupons".)

You can also find the coupon on Piching your pennies printables links. (Look in the AZ forum for the thread that says "Free QT sandwich".) Link to PYP AZ forum is on the right hand side of my blog. You may be able o print the coupon from both locations.

Albertsons is the place to be!

This week (starting today), Albertsons is having an awesome sale AND they are doubling, tripling, and quadrupling coupons! I got there about noon today and they were already out of the Progresso broth and Crunch & munch- both would have been free with coupons. They were running low on other items too. But here is what I got:
$3 off when you buy 6 (can buy multiples of 6 in one transaction):
Green giant steamers- free after coupons
Totinos pizza rolls-free after coupons
Chex mix- free after printable coupons
Betty crocker icing- free with peelies (found a while back)
Betty Crocker warm delights- free after coupons *The coupons for this product are not working right, so make sure you pay attention when the cashier scans them!

Check out the coupon link on the left for printable coupons for these items and more! (Click to "see all coupons.")

Another deal is the Conagra buy 10 get 3 free which makes each item $.77 before coupons. For this deal I got:
5 Banquet frozen meals-$.77 each (these all had coupons on the inside that I can use next time.)
6 Hunt's diced tomatoes- about $.44 each after coupons
2 Chef Boyardee microwave cups- $.27 each after coupons

And I also got:
4 Tony's pizza $1.88 each and use $1/2 to make them $1.38 each
3 Tony's single serve pizzas-$.88 each and free after $.50/1 coupons
The coupons for both of these were in last Sunday's inserts.

Pork chops @ $.88/lb

I used a $3/$30 fresh & Easy coupon from today's paper also. In the end, I got overcharge by $7.50 as a result of coupons not scanning and the cashier getting confused and messed up. Unfortunately, the receipt was such a mess, I had to actually come home to figure out the problem. Watch those coupons at the register!

Way back in the back, you can see I also stopped at Bashas and got 3 Campbell's soup at hand for $.29 each after coupons and 3 Snuggle dryer sheets free after $3 coupon from last Sunday.

For a complete list of all the deals this week, check out Pinching your pennies with the link on the right.