Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Free desserts and cheap lunches

I visited Fry's today for a prescription for my daughter. She had one of her wisdom teeth pulled! :( I had a $10 KMart coupon for a new RX that I used. The script was only $3, so I made $7 on it! Then I went shopping.

I got some cinnamon toast crunch for @ $.75 a box. I used 2 $.55/1 coupons that doubled to $1 each and 1 coupon for $1/2. Both coupons were printables.
Ramen noodles were 6/$1 and DD requested these since she can't eat hard foods right now.
I grabbed some bread for $1 and some store brand vanilla wafers for $1.27. (These are my midnight snack cookies.) The cheese was kroger brand and I got 2 blocks for $1.50 each.
The banquet fruit pies were on sale for $.79 each and were free with my $.35 coupons that tripled up to the price.
Campbell's chicken noodle and tomato soups were $.50 and were $.25 each after my $.25/4 coupons that quadrupled up to $1.

The frozen meals will be great for lunches. I got 3 kid cuisine for $.39 each after $.50 coupons, 3 Healthy choice and 1 Marie Callendar's steamer meals for $.47 each after $.50 coupons, and 3 Banquet family meals for $.78 each after $.50 coupons. The family meals will make enough for lunch for everyone with one box. So that was a great deal for us!

After coupons and my $10 RX credit, I paid $6.72. Before sales and coupons, my total would have been $65.02, so that's a savings of 90%.