Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Ok, I shopped the commissary again yesterday since I got some new coupons in and I wanted to get some deals I didn't get on Sunday. I watched the cashier scan everything, so I thought it was good. I went over my receipt when I got home and realized one of my $4 coupons were missed again! So between my last two trips, I'm out $7! I was going to go back today with my receipts, but my youngest is sick again. Her symptoms are pretty much the same as they were last time she got sick and she had pneumonia then. I really hope it's not pneumonia again! I will take her in tomorrow to get checked out again.

Here's my trip to the commissary:

I got 3 boxes of Cheese nips for $.29 each
3 cans Planters-$.79 overage on each
5 KY- $1.16 overage on each (found a few more coupons in my purse)
1 V8 Fusion for DH- $1.10
2 Kraft salad dressings free
2 Motts apple sauce- $.49 each
8 Schick Intuition razors- $.40 overage on each (except one-coupon not scanned)
2 boxes Little Debbie donuts- $1.35 each (I'm hooked on these)
5 lbs potatoes $1.34
3 lbs bananas $.60 (used $1 off wyb kraft dressing)
3 lbs apples $1.91 (used another $1 off produce wyb kraft dressing)
4 Betty Crocker corn muffin mix $.08 each
2 South Beach frozen pizzas $.11 overage on each
15 packets koolaid $.15 each- used these for the free dressing and planters deals
Total paid: $7.65 (Should have been $3.65) Surcharge was $3.62.

I also hit Walgreens for a few deals:

I got 3 packs Walgreens pullups, 4 Sure deodorants, 2 rolls TP, 3 packs notebook paper, 3 packs mechanical pencils, and a slip-n-slide for the kids. The slip-n-slide was marked down to $5, so it was a fun and cheap indulgence for the kids. Especially since it's about 500 degrees here everyday. (Ok, only 112 degrees) I paid $12.18 total and $2.72 of that was tax.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Meat-stocking up!

I haven't posted in a week as there's been a lot going on here. We've had kids coming and going to camps, family visiting, birthday parties, and a motorcycle accident. (The accident was DH and then I had to ferry him around for about a week.) I've done a few little trips and gotten some of the deals, but I haven't really been shopping that much lately.
We were running low on meat, so I decided to hit the commissary today and stock up. I used up the last of my KY coupons for this trip, so I'll have to look for more to trade or just wait until these come out again to get more.

I hit the meat freezer for the marked down meats. We got about 30 lbs of meat-mostly pork and beef. They didn't have any chicken marked down today, so I will grab some at Albertsons later this week. I grabbed a few snacks for me and the kids-the Nabisco single serve packs that were free with my coupons, but didn't do any of my other coupon deals today. I just wanted to get the meat today. The cashier did miss one of my KY coupons, so I paid $3 more than I should have. I didn't go back in, though I normally would. But I had the two little ones with me and they had not had any naps today, so they were a little too bouncy and I just said forget it by the time we were finally done.
With the $3 extra I paid $11.64 total, so it should have been $8.64. $4.94 of that was the surcharge and I saved $92 with coupons. I did not add up how much I saved with the mark downs. Not bad, and now I'm stocked on meat. Well at least for a week, LOL. Well, maybe a little longer. Two of my children went to stay with their grandparents for a few weeks, so the meat should last a little longer han normal. They just left this morning and I miss them already. :(

Friday, July 11, 2008

Free Chicken at Chick-fil-a Day

Today was Cow appreciation day at Chick-fil-a. We were missing two kids tonight, but the rest of went out. Since we used stuff we already had for the costumes, it didn't cost us anything! The kids made their own spots and dressed up, I helped the little ones tape their spots on. (They looked much cuter in person.) :) We had gotten them some of the cow hats a couple of weeks ago, but of course they were all torn up when we looked for them tonight. We didn't make ears or anything because we were going to use the hats. :(
I had a white shirt with black spots and DH actually wore one of the cow hats they handed out. (We found one on the way in.) It was a lot of fun and we all got free dinner! DH got a free sandwich for wearing the hat and used a coupon for free nuggets when you buy a drink-so we spent $1.71. The rest of us all got a free meal. The kids played in the play area after we ate and when we came home they went to sleep without any hassle! Thanks Chick-fil-a for the free food and a fun family night out! Picture was taken outside Chick-fil-a right before we went in. If we had waited until we were inside to take the photo, they would have all looked like they were bleeding. (ketchup stains) ;)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back in the Saddle

I was sick last week and after visiting the ER, my husband went out and picked up four prescriptions for me and got 4-$30 gift cards! So I have $120 to spend at several different stores.
I spent almost a week in bed and missed a lot of deals, but I got back out today and did a couple of quick trips to Albertsons and Fry's. Thank goodness Albertson's great deals are going on this week too!

At Frys I got:
10 Lawry's marinades free
10 Cattlemem's BBQ sauce free
4 McCormick seasonings grinders free
10 Betty Crocker suddenly salad free
4 Bar-S hot dogs $.02 each
2 Angel soft tp 4 pks
@ 4 lbs Nectarines
I paid $5.05 cash which was basically the nectarines, toilet paper, and tax.

At Albertsons I got:
1 Heinz ketchup 36oz
3 packs Hot dog buns
4 Cool whip in a can-used 4-$1 off coupons
10 Vlasic relish-used 10-$1 off coupons
3 Arrowhead 3 liter water-used 1-$1 on 3 coupon
2 Kraft american cheese singles- used 2-$1 off cheese wt's
1-18 ct cookies reduced to $.99
1 Cherry pie reduced to $1.99
1 candy bar-I was hungry $.50
I used one Fresh & Easy $5/$20 and used the 10% military discount and I paid:
$1.08 on a gift card!