Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back in the Saddle again!

I have shopped very little for the month of January, partly because of the lack of good sales and partly because I have been super busy. And really, there has been very little that I have gotten excited about this month in the sales. (Maybe the Walgreens Bayer deal!)

Starting today, Fry's has another one of their Mega sales and it's pretty good! When you buy 10 participating items you get $5 off. That's $.50 each item and you can do multiples of 10 in one order and get $5 off for every 10. There's a lot of free and cheap stuff with this sale and a couple of money makers!

In the photo above these items are part of the buy 10 get $5 off sale and their prices after coupons I used and sale:
Finish dish tabs $.49 each after coupons
Armour meatballs $.99 each after coupons
Kleenex $.43 each after $.40/1, $.50/3, and b4g1 free coupons
Quaker rice snacks $.50 money makers each after coupons!
Pillsbury Toaster Strudels $.79 each after coupons
Frank's Red hot $.49 after coupon
La Victoria salsa $.51 money maker each after coupon (from points rewards)
Rotel tomatoes $.11 money maker each after coupons
Hormel Chili masters $.21 money makers each after coupons
Land O lakes butter free after coupons (printables from last month)

I also got 2 Tony's pizzas for $1.50 each using some $1/2 printables I had from last month, 4 Wholly guac/salsa products-free with coupons! (first 4 only), and 1 Kroger orange juice that was marked down $.99.

I paid $6.03 oop and saved $105.43 or 95% savings!

I also went to Bashas and got the 10lb bag of chicken for $3.90 ($.39/lb is a great stock up price for me.) There is a limit of 1, so that's all I got this trip, but will be going back for me. The S&W beans are on sale for $.48 and with the $.50/3 coupons doubled, I paid $.44 for 3 cans or @ $.14 a can. I got 9 cans total and used 3 coupons.

I paid $5.22 oop for this whole order and saved $18.99 or 78%!

This was just what I needed to get back into the swing of things!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What happened to all my Toilet paper?

This was the scene last year as I stocked up on free and almost free toilet paper. My littlest one had fun building a fort with just the latest packs I had just brought in. I had way more in my closet already! As I look back at my posts, I realize I was stockpiling these in April and May of last year.

And now they are gone. As I mentioned before, I have 5 girls! 3 of those are teenagers who, when I started rationing the TP, would ask me for a new roll every day! (And I usually gave them two at a time-so they were going through two rolls a day!) So now we have no more toilet paper.

I had some RR's to use up at Walgreens yesterday since they were expiring. I had a $2.50 and a $2 RR. I got two pert shampoos- one was the men's kind. I used a $1.50 on men's coupon and a $1 on the other one, so my total for these two was $2.50 and I got a $2 RR back. I also got a men's sure deodorant that was $1.50 with the in-ad coupon and I used a $1.50 coupon from Sunday's inserts to get that free. (I had only cut out one coupon so far.) And then I got toilet paper! These big rolls are $.50 this week. This is what I'll be stocking up on for now using RR's until more free TP comes along. I got 4 rolls (Only 2 are pictured) for a total of $2. I used the $2.50 and the $2 RR which made my total $0 before taxes. I paid $.75 tax and used a Walgreens gift card, so $0 oop and got the $2 RR back for the pert deal. I will be shopping more this week and adding the TP as a filler as often as I can!

Friday, January 15, 2010

I stopped at the Walgreens next to Safeway today- a store I don't go to very often, and I was thrilled to find more of the Bayer Glucose meters! I got one of each and I also got a box of the Bayer quick release crystals 20ct that was clearanced to $2.19. I had free coupons for the meters and a $1 coupon for the aspirin. Word on the street is you will get a $6 RR for buying 3 bayer products instead of the $3 RR I got earlier for buying just the two Bayer meters and people have been buying this clearanced box. (Plus the $5 RR for each meter!) Well, that is a valid RR, but for me, the clearanced Bayer did not seem to work. I only got the $3 RR and the two $5 RR's. Still, about a $12 MM for me not counting tax.

I also got a thermacare patch that is $2.49. I used a $1 printable coupon and I got a $2.50 RR back. $1 MM!

I saw some Kellogg's corn flakes small boxes for $1 each and I had some $1 peelies so I got two of those-free with coupons and I got a small can of Baking powder since we are out. I used a $3 RR from the glade candles and paid $3.79-most of which was tax-on a gift card I got from Mypoints. (The RR for the glade candles is still good, but they are $3.29 each now, so almost free with the $3/2 but not a MM.)

My total oop for the day was $11.99 for the prescription at Safeway!

Stocking up on meat

I went to Safeway today to pick up a prescription for my dog. I filled this prescription the first time at Fry's for $4 and used a $10 gift card coupon to get $10 back to spend at Fry's. Safeway just came out with a $30 coupon in last week's ad so I transferred it there. I paid $11.99 for the meds at Safeway, but got a $30 gift card to spend there.
While I was there today, I wanted to get some of the hamburger that is $.99/lb. I got @ 10 lbs in two big packages and I also noticed the whole chickens were $.47/lb so I got 3 chickens also. I had some $2 when you spend $8 meat wt's, so I used two of those. I also got the 18ct eggs that are $.99 with the ad coupon when you spend $10 and two packs of hamburger bun for $.88 each with ad coupon. My total was $16.69 with tax and I paid with my new gift card.
*I also found some peelies here for $1.50 on any Post cereal. These are $1.50 this week at Albertsons, so would be free. I grabbed 4 coupons for a trip later this week. (There are also some Post cereals at Walgreens for $1 and $1.75 right now.)

I went to Super Target this past weekend since my daughter had a gift card she was dying to spend and I figured I'd do some grocery shopping there too. Before I left, I printed off two coupons for $2 off Archer Farms ham from the target web site. Two is the limit and I didn't log onto the other computers to get more. When I got there, I found two ham steaks for just over $2 each, so I paid just a few cents for each one of those. I also found a lot of hamburger marked at $.99/lb since they were going to expire in two days. I got 16 packages and used 2 of my $2 on $8 meat wt's and paid @ $.60/lb for the hamburger.

Though this looks like a lot, it's not for our family. I will likely go back to Safeway this week and get more hamburger and chicken as I am trying to stock the freezer again now. At these prices, I should be stocking the freezer to last for several months!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Walgreens quick trip

There's a few good deals at Walgreens this week, but I have limited time. So I just cut a few coupons and made a quick trip for these items.

Electrasol Finish is $3.49 and I used the $2.50 coupon from Sunday to pay $.99 and I got back a $1 RR. FREE after RR

Glade fragrance collection soy candles 2oz are 2/$5. I used a $3/2 coupon from 11/22 SS and paid $2 for both. I got back a $3 RR. This is a monthly deal for the RR. $1 MM with coupon and RR.

Oreos small packs are $.99. I used a $1/2 coupon from tearpads, I think from earlier in the year. $.49 each after coupons. (I love my oreos!)

Toilet paper big rolls. These are $.50 each with in-ad coupon. With the amount of girls I have, we are always stocking toilet paper. I used these as a filler along with a $.10 piece of Christmas candy so I could use a $5 RR from the bayer meters. I paid @ $1 with tax and got $4 in RR back.

I also stopped at QT (Quik trip) for another free sandwich. Thanks to their frequent reloading of this coupon and my tech obsessed husband, we have had free lunch from QT many times over the last few months! With all our computers in the house, I can print from each one. I had enough coupons this time for free lunch for me and the kids for this whole month already! The kids have been getting the foot long sandwiches which feeds two of them at a time. I am out of coupons now, but will check for a reload every week.