Friday, August 29, 2008

Walgreens $10 off $40 purchase today and tomorrow!

I made a trip to Walgreens today to use this coupon. I got a lot of the August rebate items for the rebates that end tomorrow. I will probably be going back tonight to use the coupon again and get some of the September rebate items.
Here's what I got today:
4 Crest with scope toothpastes
1 Scrubbing bubbles action scrubber
1 Italian seasoning spice
2 Shredded cheese 8oz
1 Cheese single 16ct
1 Jane foundation
2 Bioinfusion hair products
2 Glade plugin refills
2 Glade oil candles
1 lightbulbs 4 pk.
After all coupons, I paid: $34.62 and saved $35.56
I will get back in rebates: $40.05
I love making money shopping!

Latest Commissary run

This was a great trip to the commissary. I paid $.71 total for everything you see in the picture! I still have to make one more trip this weekend to finish using all my 8/31 expiring coupons.
Here's what I got:
6lbs bananas
10 lbs potatoes
10 lbs rice
7 cans Planters nuts-cashews, peanuts, mixed nuts...
8 boxes Ronzoni macaroni noodles
2 boxes Ronzoni spaghetti
5 lbs Farmland bacn
1 Sargento cheese snacks 8oz-Elmo shaped :)
1 jar minced garlic
2 Huggies cleanteam flushable wipes
2 Gallons milk
3 packs solo plates
2 packages Totinos pizza rolls
6 South beach pizza individual size
2 Yoplait kids yogurt 6pk
3 Lamisil foot powders
7 KY jelly
4 bags frozen veg's
10 trial size dove shampoos or conditioners
Not in the picture: 21 packs koolaid
Total cash paid: $.71 and tipped the bagger $2

Tuesday night sales shopping at Fry's and Walgreens

I ran out to get a few more items before the sale was over at Fry's on Tuesday night. I got 11 packs of Cottonelle toilet paper free with the $.50 coupon that just came out on Sunday! I also got 9 tubs of butter-2 were free with internet printable coupons and the rest were $.30 each, 4 Loreal Vive-all free with bogo coupons and the bogo sale, 8 more boxes of granola bars free, 1 life water free with a catalina I found last week at the uscans, and one Land-o-lakes lunch meat marked down to $.99 I spent $4 after tax.
I then went to Walgreens since it is next door and grabbed:
4 glade plugins all free with bogo coupons and bogo sale, 2 John Frieda haircare items-$6.74 for both and I got a $6 RR back, 2 Rimmell eye shadows free with bogo coupon and bogo sale, 2 spices-$.50 each, 3 boxes of Kraft mac & cheese-$.69 each and 1 package of Oscar mayer hot dogs-free with Kraft coupon free when you buy 3 Kraft (mac & cheese counted for this). I spent $9.06 here and got back $6.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

CVS run

I headed out to CVS this afternoon to get a few items from this week's ad. I got one children's advil to finish out this month's deal, and used a $1 coupon. I got a $5.79 ECB from this and used it on my second order. I also got 2 Stayfree using the buy one get one free coupon, for a total of $4.50 before tax and got $5 ECB back. The Kotex liners were $1.49, I used a $1 coupon and got $1.49 ECB back. And I got 6 boxes of Garnier 100% color haircolor, using 6-$3 coupons. My total for all 6 boxes was $12 and I got $10 back in ECB. I used $19.79 in ECB, $1.42 on my gift card and $2.77 cash oop. I earned $22.28 in ECB and I have $11.49 in ECB left of that. (I spent what I earned on the first order for the second order.) I will go back later this week for some more haircolor as this ECB deal is limit 5 and I've only done it twice now.

Good deals at Fry's and Fresh & Easy today

I looked through the ads this morning and came across the Fresh & Easy ad. I usually just cut out the $5/$20 coupon to use at Albertson's, but I noticed a pretty good deal. They had a "grill pack" of meat on sale for $4.99. It was 4.7 lbs total and included 8 pieces of seasoned chicken, 4 pork sausages and 4 hamburger patties. I decided to head out early and get some since I had extra time this morning. It was a good thing I went when I did because they had maybe 8 packages left of this deal. The limit was 4, so I grabbed 4 packs and a banana (I was hungry) and used the $5 coupon. So I got 18.8 lbs of meat for $15.52 with tax.

I headed to Fry's next to do the Nestle deal. I just found out my son has a cat, so I dug out all my cat food coupons. I got 13 packages of Purina healthful life cat food, using free coupons and 4 Purina cat treats, using the $1.50/2 coupons. It was $1 for all this before taxes and then I got the $5 off, so I had $4 in overage from this deal! I also got some more of the free nature valley granola bars. I only had 4 coupons with me, so I just grabbed 4 boxes. I grabbed a bundle of newspapers to use up the overage. There were 8 papers in the bundle and our Sunday papers are $2. My total was $13.88 after taxes and there was $3.24 in taxes!

Monday, August 18, 2008

A few quick runs today

I had to do some errands today, so I hit the stores close to my errands while I was out. First I went to CVS and got 4 tubes of crest for $1.24 each after $.75 coupons and I got $1 ECB back each. I also got 1 Revlon lash fantasy mascara which was $4.49 after my $2 coupon and I got $5 ECB back. I spent a $5.79 ECB and a $3 ECB and $1.13 on a gift card and got back $9 in ECB!

I stopped at Walmart for some of the All You magazines. I hadn't gotten any yet and I wanted to get some of the Kraft free coupons before the new mag comes out. I spent @ $9 on these

I then hit Walgreens for the Ragu deal. I got 6 jars of Ragu and used the $.65 ragu coupons that came in the spanish paper here a few weeks ago and two of the $3 RR's from the band-aid deal last week. I grabbed a pack of crayons and a compass-both at $.39 each-for fillers. I paid $.93 oop for all this and got back a $4 rr from the ragu. I also used the Monday code at the redbox in Walgreens for 2 free movies. (I used 2 different cards to be able to use the code twice.) One movie is for the kids-Waterhorse, and one for my husband and I- Smart people. I love free movies!

My total oop today was less than $10 and I got back $13 in ECB and RR to spend later.

Latest Comissary deals

Here's what I got at my commissary trip this past weekend. I got:
Lots of relish-made $.25 each
10 lbs potatoes
3 lbs of onions
3 lbs of apples
3 planters peanuts- made $.88 each
1 lb brown sugar
5 glade pugins-made $.56 each
2 packs condoms
2 packs always liners
2 Land o lakes butter 8 oz
1 trial size dove shampoo-made $1.30
6 packs koolaid
and lots of meat
Not pictured is the KY for more overage.
Total oop: $.82 and I gave the bagger $1 (I took my own bags out.)

A few more older deals

Trying to catch up on some of my older deals. I took the photos of each when I got home, but didn't get them posted. Here's some from walgreens and Cvs:

At walgreens I got: 3 Kellogg's poptarts, 2 Kellogg's rice krispies treats, 8 Lady speed stick deodorants, and 4 axe trial size body washes. I paid $7.50 oop and got back a $5 RR, a $10 RR, and 2 movie tickets!

At Cvs I got 1 dawn dish soap for $.38, 2 Sure deodorants free, 2 Covergirl cosmetics for $.50, and 2 colgate for $1.99 each (got back $4 ECB for these). I also grabbed some clearanced items: light bulbs @ $.55 a pack, labels for the label maker for $.40 and 7 packs of lifepack gum for $.25 each-I had a $3 lifepack CVS coupon I was able to use on these for some overage too. I used some ECB and a gift card for this order and spent nothing oop.

Here are some more deals from Walgreen's and some from Basha's later that week.
I did the Kellogg's deal a lot more at walgreen's as this day, they were printing 2-$5 RR for every 5 boxes I bought. After coupons, each deal was $8, then I got $10 back. I used other RR's to pay for most of it and I alternated the Lady speed stick deal with this one. I grabbed cheese sticks, a pocket tissue pack, Carmex, candy bars, and the Pharmacy coloring book with coupons in it as fillers. I spent @ $20 oop on all this and ended with @ $50 in RR-I used some the same day. I had about double what is pictured here as I went back out again in the evening.
I also grabbed some more free makeup at CVS, but they were out of anything else I wanted.
At Basha's I got free pens and pencils and paid @ $5 for the 6 Hunt's pudding, 3 orville redenbacher, 2 hunt's ketchup, and 1 can spaghetti sauce. I also got a $5 catalina back from the conagra deal.

School supplies & Bread

Here's another older deal I did a week or so ago.
I hit two Staples with my several of my children. We all got the limit on the deals and we ended up with:
54 Spiral notebooks for $2.70 (we go through a lot of these!)
60 folders with pockets and prongs-all free!
I also hit the bread store right across the street and got 8 loaves of
bread for @ $6. They didn't have great bread deals today, but still not too bad.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Old Fry's and Safeway deals

Posting some trips I never got posted Here's one from Fry's and safeway a few weeks ago.

At Safeway, I did the deal for buy 25 products, get a $20 coupon back. I got 20 boxes of Kleenex and 5 Ragu pouches for the deal and spent @ $13 on those and got the $20 coupon back. I also got a bunch of marked down meat and all the sausage you see was free. They were marked down to $.99 and there were $1 blinkies right in front of them. I took about half of what they had marked down, but wishing I had gone back for more!

At Fry's I got two loaves of bread, a pound of strawberries, 3 bottles of Pantene and 2 packs of Angel soft for @ $5 after tax. I also grabbed two newspapers since they ahd coupons in them. I used some of the $.25 off coupons that doubled, so they were free!