Monday, August 31, 2009

Fry's Mega Sale and a little Walgreens

I finally had time to do a little shopping at the Fry's mega sale. Sometimes it pays to procrastinate, since now Fry's is not only quadrupling coupons, but the are taking competitors coupons. So, I cut out my $3/$30 fresh and easy coupons and loaded the cellfire and shortcuts coupons and went shopping.

Here's what I got:
2 Wanchai ferry meal kits $1.99 each after coupons and sale
2 BC potatoes $.37 each after shortcuts/cellfire coupons and sale
6 BC fruit snacks $.35 each after coupons/cellfire/shortcuts and sale plus got $3.50 catalina back
7 Pillsbury toaster strudel $.33 each after coupons/cellfire/shortcuts and sale
6 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls $.31 each after coupons/shortcuts and sale
4 Pillsbury grands $.13 each after coupons/shortcuts and sale
2 GM cereals $.89 each after coupons/sale
2 BC Brownie mixes $.61 each after coupons/cellfire/sale
1 Fiber one muffin mix $.49 after coupon/cellfire/sale
2 Old el paso taco shells $.69 each after shortcuts/sale
1 BC cookie mix $.09 after coupon/cellfire/sale
5 Hamburger helper $.18 each after coupons/cellfire/shortcuts/sale

I also got dog food and 4 rolls of the hamburger that was $1.57/lb. (They were 2lb chubs.) I spent $26.76 oop, got $3.50 back and saved $117.47 or 82%.

I made a quick stop at Walgreens since there are some money makers this week, but they were already out of a few of the items I wanted. So I only got 1 of the Rembrandt whitening toothpaste and the carefree liners. Both are free after RR and both have a $1 coupon,so I made $2 on those. (before tax)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Free Chicken Sandwich from Chick-Fil-a

Chick-Fil-A has a new contest/activity called the Chicken wave. If you are one of the first 250,000 to sign up, you will get a coupon for a free chicken sandwich-mailed out in October. Right now there is about 180,000 signed up according to the website.

You have to make an avatar when you sign up by either uploading a photo of yourself or you can choose one of their cow avatars to represent you. If you miss the first 250,000, you still get a coupon for a free drink.

Go here to sign up now:

Friday, August 21, 2009

Save $5 when you buy $25 at Walgreens-Hurry!

I have been super busy this week, so sorry for the late notice. Walgreens has a promotion that's good through tomorrow (Saturday) where you can get a $5 RR when you spend $25 on just about anything. (The usual exclusions apply- postage, gift cards, tobacco, alcohol, etc.)

The good news is the $25 is before coupons! So you can easily put a bunch of deals together and pay very little oop and get the $5 RR back.

I did two quick transactions today while I was out running errands.
The first one I got:
18 Bic highlighters 5pk- on sale for $.39 each. I used 7- $1/2 coupons for $.02 oop
6 Mars candy bars- $.49 each with in ad coupon and used 3 $1/2 coupons- FREE
5 Kellogg's poptarts $2 each- used 2- $1/2 coupons- $8 oop
2 Glade soy candles $3.29 each- used free coupons from inserts- FREE
Also used a $6 RR from last week's Listerine deal and with tax, I paid $3.09 oop.
I got back the $5 RR for spending $25 and also a $5 RR from the poptarts.

The second order I got:
4 Bic highlighters 5pk- $.39 each- used 2-$1/2 coupons and was able to get overage at this store. Made $.44
6 Mars candy bars $.49 each with ad coupon and used 3 $1/2 coupons- FREE
3 Glade soy candles $3.29 each- used free coupons- FREE
1 Softsoap bodywash $3.99- used $2 printable- paid $1.99 oop
1 Conair brush $2.99-no coupons- $2.99 oop
4 Starbucks Frappucino- $1.25 each with ad coupon- used 4-$1 coupons- $.25 each or $1 oop total
Used the $5 RR from poptarts and paid $2.30 with tax and got back the $5 RR when you spend $25, $4 RR for the softsoap, and a $2 RR for the brush.

My stores were all out of the velveeta cups which are free this week with the walgreens coupon (back to school booklet), insert coupons, and $1 RR when you buy 4. Another deal I did not do, but might go back for was huggies wipes. The cheapest box in my stores is $3.29 and if I use the $2 coupon from the back to school booklet and the $.50 insert coupons, they will be $.79 each. Not great, but combine it with the $5 RR wyb $25 and they will be almost free.

Remember the extra $5 RR will not roll, so don't use it on another $25 order or you probably won't get another one. I'm saving mine for next week, but pay attention, they expire 8/31!

Mega Swag Bucks Day

Today is a Mega Swag Bucks day! That means you have a better chance of earning swag bucks today if you search. If you are not a member of swag bucks, you can join using my banner here or on the side.

Swag bucks is a search engine that gives you points or "swag bucks" every so often when you are searching. So, if you do a lot of searches, go through swag bucks and earn something back from your searching.

Swag Bucks can be redeemed for gift certificates and other prizes when you have enough.
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Search & Win

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Walgreens is my best friend again

After a few lackluster weeks at Walgreen's (and my grocery stores) I am happy to have some good deals to go after this week. While I did get a few of the free shampoos and toothbrushes last week, you know I really like those money making deals.

Walgreens has two of these right now that I am rolling back and forth. One is the Reach/Listerene deal. You buy 3 items (floss, toothbrush, or mouthwash) for $3 each and get a $6 RR back. This goes great with the $5/3 coupon we got in the inserts last week, making an extra $2 per transaction.

Then there is the colgate toothpaste that is free after RR ($2.99- get $3 RR). Use the $1 Colgate coupon from Sunday's insert and make $1 on each transaction. I have been using the $3 RR for the reach deal and paying $1+tax oop and then using the $6 RR on the colgate deal and getting $4 of grocery items with the overage.

Since my husband's job has messed up his pay for the last two months, we are super tight on our budget right now. So, being able to get groceries with the extra $ at Walgreens really helps.

Some other good deals at Walgreens that I have done at least once:

Bic pens are 2/$1 and are free after $1/2 coupons from Sunday's inserts or printables online.

Both Kellogg's deals are still going on. Cereal- 2/$5 get $2 RR, use $1 coupons and get each box for $.50. Poptarts, keebler cookies, crackers, etc. buy $10 get $5 back. I bought the poptarts and used $1/2 coupons to pay $8 for 5 boxes (used other RR to reduce oop) and got back $5 RR.

Jergen's lotion is $5.99, get $5 RR- I have no coupons for this one.

Campbell's soups $.79 with in-ad coupon, use printable for $1/2 and get them for $.29 each.

Also look for clearance Reach ultraclean toothbrushes to make more money on the Reach RR deal. (I only found one at my stores, but I snatched it up.)

And look for the back to school coupons at the front of the store. (Looks like a pamphlet.) Inside is a coupon for $1/4 Kraft easy mac cups or Velveeta cups. Use with the bogo free coupon on the velveeta cups from the inserts to get them for $.25 each. (These are $1 if you buy 3 or more, or $1.29 each if you buy less than 3.)

And if you haven't heard about the stamps deal yet (it's all over the internet!), look for the clearanced photo stamps kits behind the photo counter. They are $7.19 and they are good for a sheet of 20 photo stamps online. That's $8.80 worth of postage AND you get to put your photo on it! There is a lot of info out there about getting $8 back through Upromise for these, but unfortunately, you can't get the rebate from Upromise (or probably any other cashback/points sites) since you are using a gift code (provided in the kit) online and not actually making the purchase through the Upromise link. Still, it's a good deal to get a discount on stamps and you get to design your own. I'm saving some for Christmas.