Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mini free sprees and more movie tickets

I went to the commissary since we were out of dog food. I had two more of the $4 purina printables left, so I got these two bags of dog food. They were marked $6.99 on the shelf and that is the price they've been everytime I've bought them. I got 20 KY's to pay for my groceries and got a few more things we needed: 4 pizzas for dinner, 2 tubs of butter, 5 lbs of rice, 2 packs always, and 2 packs of hamburger. I expected to pay $3.xx with the surcharge. I ended up getting paid $1.54 for the groceries since the dog food rang up $3.49 instead of $6.99 each. The sad thing was it took me almost 20 minutes to check out and get that $1.54 back. The cashier didnt want to take my KY coupons at first and spent about 10 minutes getting those ok'ed. Then when my total came up negative, she and the customer service girl went around and around about how that can't happen for another 10 minutes. Then the CS girl made a copy of my receipt and let me go. Right then a manager came up and she asked her about the issue and the manager said "oh yeah, that's fine" and that was the end of it. The hassles we go through to save some money.
I tipped the bagger $1 and took my own bags out. So, broke even and got a little extra pocket change.

I then went to walgreens because I heard some of the axe items that are good for the movie tickets are on clearance. I found the 4 pack of bullets on clearance for $2.79 each. I bought 4 of them (without any coupons or RR!) and paid $12.14 oop, and I got the 2 free movie tickets. Still not as good as last year, but I do love free movie tickets and the axe will make great presents or can be sold at my yard sales.

I then went to Fry's for another small free spree. I had a raincheck for the Hormel chili for $.50 a can and coupons that made them free-I got 10 cans. I had free coupons for the Sara Lee bread-got 2 loaves. The Fry's brand cheese was on sale for $1 and I had wine tags for $1 off cheese-I got 8 packs. My total oop here was $.39 for tax.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fry's 8 hour sale!

I just got back from Fry's and they are having an 8 hour sale today from 3:00-11:00 pm. I took my daughter with me and we each did an order. I got 8-3lb bags of apples @ $.99 each, 8 packages of Bar-s bacon for $.99 each, 2 1/2 gallons orange juice for $.97 each. These were all part of the 8 hour sale.
I also got some stuff from the weekly sales ad. I got 5 boxes of Betty Crocker fruit snacks which were $.39 after coupons and I got a $3.50 OYNO coupon for buying 5. I got 6 cans of manwich for $.19 each after coupons and sales. The manwich and fruit snacks were part of the buy 10 items get $3 off sale. I ended up buying 11 items because my coupons for manwich were off of 2 cans. So for one of those, I actually paid $.49. I got 4 more Reeses whips-free with $1/2 coupons and a pack of hamburger buns. I paid just over $20 oop for everything.

Axe Movie deal at Walgreens

Walgreens is running the Axe deal again where you buy 4 axe products and you get 2 free movie tickets. The cheapest product that works for this deal is the 2 pack bullet sprays. They are $2.99 each. I have not been able to find 4 of these in any store, but I did find 3 at a time. If you could find 4, you would pay @ $12 for the 4 axe and two movie tickets.
The full size products are 25% off this week, so I grabbed a deodorant to go with the 3 bullet packs I found. The deodorants were $3.59 after the 25% off. So my total before tax would have been $12.56 for all the axe and 2 movie tickets. Now that's not a super deal for movie tickets, or for the axe, but if you use them both anyways, it'd be a good time to do this deal.
I combined this deal with the razor deal to save more money. The gillete gamer razor is $8.99 and there is a $4 coupon from last sunday's paper. This makes the razor $4.99 plus tax and you get a $6 RR back, so it's a little bit of a money maker. I bought the razor first (used gift card for oop) and then used the $6 rr on the axe.
So my total for the axe and 2 movie tickets with tax was $7.60. That's a pretty cheap night at the movies!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A whole lotta shopping goin' on

I have been slacking off on shopping lately (well really-I've been busy), and we were beginning to feel it at home when we only had pieces of stuff to make and found we had run out of some essentials. I figured I needed to get my act together, so I spent most of yesterday shopping. First, I had to go on base to pick up some books from freecycle, so I stopped at the commissary.

First, I grabbed my money makers-15 KY. Then I got a bag of dog food (used a $4 coupon on that), my Little debbie donuts (my favorite treat as of late), 2 packs of pepperonis, and a bunch of frozen burritos for the kid's lunches. I paid $.41 oop and tipped the bagger $1.

Then I stopped at ALbertsons & Bashas:

At Bashas, I got 2 more 10 lb bags of chicken at $3.90 each. I spent $7.80 oop.
At Atbertsons, I got 3 bags of chex mix-free with coupons, 3 packages of Johnsonville brats for $1 after coupon (thanks Rae for telling me about this deal!), 3-5 packs of Kraft mac & cheese-$2.50 each, 3 tombstone pizzas-free with the mac & cheese, and 4 loaves of Nature's own wheat bread-$.69 each after b1g1 sale and coupons. I used a $6 off $30 fresh & easy coupon and I paid $5.10 with tax oop.

Next I went to fry's:

I did two trips and I got: 4 boxes of kleenex with lotion, 10 pouches Betty Crocker potatoes, 10 Green giant frozen veggies, 6 packs goldfish, 5 Pillsbury crescent rolls, 2 Suave hand lotions, 35 packs of Kraft cheese-singles, block, and shredded, 2 reeses candy bars, 2 Bags Frys chips, 5 Sobe life waters. I spent about $20 oop-mostly for the cheese-it was $.50 a pack. I thought the sliced cheese was still free after coupons like last week, but it wasn't, so I spent more than I had planned.

Last I stopped at Walgreens:

I got a free movie from the Redbox-sign up on their site to receive a code every monday for a free movie in a text to your phone. I also got a Gillete fusion razor-on sale for $8.99. I used a $4 coupon-these are coming out this weekend in the P&G insert (I got some early), and I got a $6 RR back. I paid $5.74 oop on a gift card. Then I used the $6 RR on the dry idea clinical strength deodorant and got a tissue pocket pack as a filler. I paid $.83 total oop and got a $5 RR back.

A good day of shopping- I saved $389.09 total (counting $1 for the movie rental) and spent $35.14 cash oop.