Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Today's Commissary deals

I got some great deals today at the Commissary! The shelves were stocked with KY-my money maker, so I could do some shopping. Here's what I got:
20 KY-$23.20 in Overage applied to other groceries.
8 bags Pictsweet frozen veggies- $.54 each after coupons
@ 4 lb Pork roast
5.26 lbs of Bananas
3.86 lbs Apples
1 loaf wheat bread
2 Chex Mix $.22 in overage after coupons
12 Nabisco snak saks-all free
3 Oscar Mayer hot dogs-free (used coupons for free hot dogs when you buy 3 Kraft,nabisco, or OM products-I got the nab. snak paks for free with $1 coupons and for every 3, got a free hot dogs)
1 Planters cocktail peanuts $1 in overage after printable $3 coupon on Planters when you buy 3 Kraft/Nabisco/OM products-used snak paks again for this one
2 Betty Crocker cornbread mixes $.11 for both after coupon
1 Kraft Mayo $1 after $1 peelie on product
10 rolls Pillsbury biscuits 5ct $.09 each after coupon
2 jars Motts apple sauce $.79 each after coupon
2 always liners- no coupons
1 Little Debbie donuts-I just wanted these. :)
Total cash paid: $3.86 All of which was the surcharge (Surcharge was actually $4.41 so the overage took off some of that too)

I also found more great coupons that I will use on future trips:
Free Kraft salad dressing wyb 3 Kraft/Nabisco/OM products
$3 off whole watermelon wyb Ball park franks or hillshire sausage and Sara lee hot dog buns

I also stopped at Fry's and picked up my prescription. I paid $7.99 cash for it and got a $30 gift card!

A few older shopping trips

Here's a few trips I made that didn't get posted yet.

The first photo is from the Military Commissary:

They did not have any of my money makers on the shelf, so I only grabbed a few things that were free or cheap, and we need the dog food and the buns were for dinner.
The 4 Nabisco snak saks were free with $1 on any Nabisco coupon.
2 Trix yogurts $1.69 each and I had $1 coupons off each one, so $.69 each.
The relishes were $.75 each and I had printable coupons for $1 each, so I made $.75 on each of those. I got 15 total, so I had $3.75 in overage from those.
The Chex mixes were $.89 and I had $1 coupons for each, so I had $.44 more overage.
I had a $1 coupon for the dog food, so it was $5.99 No coupons for the buns.
Total spent after all coupons was $6.93

This trip was CVS and Albertsons.

I hit CVS for Charmin (I need to go back to get more to finish the deal-spend $20, get $10 back), colgate, CVS aftershave, and tissues (we were out). I spent $17.48 in ECB and $.64 cash. I got back $7 in ECB.
At Albertsons, I stocked up on meat. I got pork ribs, chicken, and ground beef. (about 32.7 lbs of meat) I also grabbed some eggs that were $1, Orange cream pops (dreamsicles!) for $1, and 7 tubs of Challenge butter for $.45 each after $.55 coupon that was right in front of these. I also grabbed 4 Sunday papers @ $2 each. I used a $10/$50 that was in their ad, a $5/$20 competitors coupon, and a $5.50 catalina from Walgreens. I paid $25.61 in cash after all coupons. Not great, but that's about $.78 a pound for just the meat alone! (and everything else free!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CVS, Fast Food, and the dentist!

The kids have VBS this week at church in the evenings. They go about the same time we would normally have dinner, so we have to eat early. We've barely gotten dinner ready in time to eat the last two days and today I just ran out of time. So, I decided to grab some burgers from Jack in the Box. I ordered off the value menu, but still was amazed at how little you get for your money with fast food. This is what we got for $12.05:

5 JR bacon cheeseburgers

1 large fry- they all split these as I knew they'd get a ton of junk at church

1 order of cheese sticks for me

I could have made 24 hamburgers (big ones!) at home for the $12 I spent here today and they would have tasted so much better. It's ok once in a while, but I'm really not into fast food anymore. (Even the kids weren't impressed with the food, though they were very excited at first when I brought it home.)

I headed to CVS while they were in VBS since we were actually out of toilet paper! This is the only store I had $ to spend in coupons (ECB) so that's where I went for the TP. Of course, I grabbed some deals there too. I did 3 different orders at two different stores. Neither store had the Nivea I was looking for, so I will have to go back before the end of the week to try and get some. Here's what I did get:

1 Dove shampoo

1 Dove conditioner

1 Kotex pantiliners

3 Listerine smart rinse for the kids

4 Garnier Nutrisse face scrub

3 Johnson's buddies bath bars

1 Spongebob folder- on clearance, used as a filler

1 4pk CVS TP-these are the 1000 sheet rolls

I spent $20.98 in ECB and $5.77 in cash. One of my $1 off coupons was missed, so it should have been $1 less in cash. I got back $31.96 in ECB on all three orders.

I will also be going back to CVS for more of the Listerine as I need to max this deal out and stockpile these. My youngest daughter visited the dentist today for the first time. She learned how to use the mouth rinse, so we'll be using it more at home now. She was so excited and she did a great job! Now I'll have to listen to her begging to go to the dentist for the next six months. They have no concept of time. LOL

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Today's deals

I ran a circle route today to hit all the sales ending today. I ended up skipping one store as I had to head home to pick up one of my DD to take her somewhere. I wanted to track how much I spent in gas going to the stores also. I drove 11 miles total at @$.21 a mile right now (I already broke down my miles/gallon with the $4 gas price). So my total spent for gas was $2.31.


At Bashas I got 4 more packages of bacon for free.

I also got 3 boxes of Barilla whole grain pasta for free.

And I picked up this without any coupons because it was marked down to $.99 and it looked so good!

It was dessert for tonight:


I grabbed 10 dial hand soaps for free,

and three cartons of eggs for $.99 each. I also got 1-24 oz Kroger syrup and 4.44lbs of red grapes.
I had some of my RX rewards left, so they applied that to my balance and my total actually came out negative. The cashier just gave me the change instead of me having to buy something else to cover it. They paid me $.67 to buy all these groceries! They were out of the free sausage, so I got a raincheck for those.

I then hit Walgreens and grabbed 3 more Sunday papers since I didn't get them on Sunday. I also got 2 Nivea men's shave gels, 4 Reynold's aluminum foil, and 1 scoth tape 3pk. I paid $10.05-$6 was for the papers. I then went to Albertson's, but they didn't have anything I wanted, so I grabbed more rainchecks. But I did happen to find some great wine tags! I snagged some $2 on fresh produce and $1 on crackers and $1 on cheese, all NWPN.

I went to the commissary earlier today when I took DD in for a dr's appointment. I had to grab some chicken broth for her since she has been throwing up and can't have solids today. I picked up 2 cans of broth at $.65 each and grabbed these as well:
4 Corn muffin mixes $.06 each
1 Blueberry and 1 Banana nut muffin mix $.25 each.

Some deals from the past few days

Here's a few more deals I've gotten recently that I didn't get posted yet.

Here's stuff from Albertsons, Safeway, and Target.

At Albertson's, I got the meat pictured: 21.3 lbs of Pork chops and chicken for $16.71 with tax.

Target was 6 more razors- I used the gift card from before on each set of two, so Total oop: zero and I have about $13 left on gift cards.

Safeway was:
4 Ragu pouches $.79 each
3 pks Zoopals plates, 2 pks bowls, 1 utensils $.67 each
10 Vlasic relish $.29 each
6 Oscar mayer lunch meats $.67 each (not pictured)
I forgot my $5 coupon at home, so OOP on this one was $14.64. I also got two free movie tickets for this order.

These were already put away, but I hit Walgreens for 10 bottles of Gillette satin care shave gel.
My total with Tax was $6.26 and I got a $5 RR back!

This was a commissary run again. I got :
20 nabisco single serve snacks
1 Always pantiliners
3.25 lbs of apples
2 Huggies flushable wipes
1 half gallon milk
1 16lb Alpo dog food
2.59 lbs of bananas
2 6pks of trix yogurt
13 KY

I paid: $1.60 :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Exciting Target deal!

In today's ad, target has Gillete razors on sale and if you buy two, you get a $10 gift card. there are also $4 off coupons in the paper today! When I got there, the razors were less than advertised and they were only $7.99 each. I did the deal twice and with coupons and tax, it came to $8.48 for two. So I made $1.52 for each order! I could have used the first gift card to buy the second set, but I wanted one to put in a gift basket for a friend, so I just paid cash for both orders. So, I'll give one gift card away and I'll use the other to do the deal again and keep rolling it. This deal is good all week (or until the razors are out of stock).
Even better for me is I normally sell these razors in my yard sale for $2 each and they go fast. So, I'll make another $8 on these next time I have a sale. :)

End of May Trips

I have been super busy the last few days and didn't get these trips posted. So here's a quick roundup of a few trips.

The first picture is from 5/26. I hit Albertsons again for the crackers and cheese deal. I also got the individual servings of apple slices for free! I also picked up some cooking oil and chocolate chips for our chocolate fountain for a party we were having. I paid $3.02 cash for all of that.

I got milk, eggs, juice, and cereal at Basha's with a WIC check. They don't have the milk program anymore where you buy 5 gallons of milk and get one free, but I'm so conditioned from all the free milk, I still go there to use my WIC checks. (No oop here)

Last I hit CVS for some free nail polish, Sierra mist and deodorant. I paid $2.48 oop for all of this and I got $26.98 back in ECB! I also grabbed a pack of 4 water guns at Walgreens on the way home for the kid's party. They were $5 and I used one of my $3 rr, so paid $2.44 total with tax. They have had so much fun with these, they were worth it!

May 27, I hit Albertson's one more time for crackers and cheese and I got 4 packages of 5lbs of hamburger patties that were on sale for $5 each pack. I also grabbed some free cat treats and one free jar of pasta sauce. I completely forgot to use my military discount when I was checking out at the register, so I paid about $5 more than I should have. :( My total oop here was $16.39 with tax. (that's really high for me-but I did save $103.15 on this trip!)
I then hit Fry's for almost free wisk ($.49), free sauve deodorant, and strawberries that were $1/lb. (We used these for the chocolate fountain-yum!) I also grabbed some fry's brand dryer sheets since we are out and I love the smell of these! I paid $6.26 oop for this order and saved $18.61.
I have no pictures for May 30 as I was busy with the birthday party for DD, but I got out to do some quick trips using the Walgreens $10/$30 coupons. I used them with the free One touch meter coupons, and got some free chex mix, excedrin, and breathe right strips to get up to $20. Then I used the extra $10 for stuff we needed. I got fish food, a birthday present for other DD, more chips for the party, more water guns (we had 11 kids here), and some plants that I want to try and grow. (I don't have a green thumb, but I love plants!) I also hit Albertsons and used one of the coupons for meat, hamburger buns, and milk. I spent about $30 oop the whole day.