Sunday, May 25, 2008

Late night Walgreens trip.

After hitting Albertsons earlier, I still had one more $10 RR and one more $3 RR to use. I headed out to Walgreens around 11:30 pm to use them up. I got two more packs of the string cheese that was $1.50 and used the $3 coupon on those. This store has tax on food, so I paid $.08 for them in tax. Then with the $10 I got the rest. The ball and sunglasses I picked up for my daughters birthday that's coming up in about a week. I'll be hitting CVS up for more stuff for her this week. The breathe right strips were free after coupons and the Claritin was on sale for $7.99 and I had $3 off coupons for each one. BUT, on the shelf right in front of the claritin, they had a tag saying there was a walgreens coupon for $2 off each one in the rebate booklet. When I got to the register, the walgreens coupon didn't work as it was supposed to be for the 30 ct and I got the 10 ct. But since they had the tag there, they gave me the $2 discount on each one anyways. So I got each Claritin for $2.99 with coupons! The tax was $1.91 on this order and my total was $2.67. Totals for both orders:
Total paid: $2.75 cash
Total saved: $29.07

I found the bread store! Saturday shopping

The discount bread store by our house closed down a while back. I decided I was tired of paying more for bread, so I went and looked for another one. I found one that is a little farther (7 mi.), but as long as I buy enough while I'm there, the trip will be worth it. I got 10 loaves of wheat bread and 1 miniture loaf (look right in the front of the photo-it's so cute!) for $7.05. The mini loaf was $.25 and I got it just for fun. That means the other 10 loaves I bought came to $6.80 with tax or $.68 each! I have been buying bread lately at $1.50 each, so I saved $8.20 on these. Now we'll be stocked on bread for a few weeks.
I realized I had $43 in walgreens RR that expired today (Saturday), so I hit Albertsons since I can use them there. They only let me use 1 per order, so I did 3 different orders (with the help of dh). I also found an awsome deal while I was there. They have a promo right now for Kraft items where you get $5 off instantly when you buy $20 woth of certain items. The ritz crackers were 3/$5 (or $1.25 after the promo) and the kraft cheese was $2 (or $1.50 after the promo). I found coupons in the store for $1 off each pack of Ritz and coupons for free kraft cheese when you buy two nabisco crackers! I got 8 boxes of Ritz and 4 packs of kraft shredded cheese for $.34 with these coupons before even using my Walgreens RR! They also were giving a 10% off discount for military.
My husband is going to make a lasagna on Monday, so we picked up a bunch of items for that using the RR. Here's what we got in all:
2-cans tomatoes
2-cans tomato paste
3-tubs 24oz cottage cheese
8-boxes Ritz crackers
4-Kraft shredded cheese 8oz each
6-Chiquita fruit snack bites (individual size of fresh sliced apples and grapes)-free with coupons
1-dozen eggs
1-lasagne noodles 16oz
1-packet of peppercorn
4- cloves of garlic
1-bunch of green onions
11-single servings frozen tilapia
5-candy bars (used as fillers on each order)
I used 3 of my $10 RR and paid a total of: $1.09 for all 3 orders!
Total spent: $8.14
Total saved: $109.56

Commissary and Walgreens shopping trips

I hit the commissary and walgreens on Friday.

I made a small trip to Walgreens and got 4 packs of shredded cheese that was on sale for $1.50 and I used 2 of my $3 RR, so they were free and there was no tax at this store!

I love overage at the Commissary! This was a really fun trip- no hassles, no questioning my coupons, just a bunch of free stuff! My total for all the groceries in this picture was......take a guess and see the total below.

I got all the rest you see here at the commissary:
2- chex mix-these were $.39 each after my $1 coupons
32-single size nabisco snacks (ritz, oreos, nutter butter, fig newtons)-free after $1/4 coupons
1-4pk scott tp-$1.89 after $1 coupon
3-12 pk marcal tp (this is like sandpaper-I won't buy it again!)
9- cans Bush's grilling beans-free after $1 coupons
8- boxes Jolly time microwave popcorn 3pks$.24 each after $.75 coupons
2-Trix yogurt cups 6ct-$.69 each after $1 coupons
4-Old el paso taco seasonings-$.10 in overage each after $1/2 coupons
2-Ortega taco seasonings-$.06 overage each after $1/2 coupons
2-John Morrel dinner sausage 1lb each
2-packs chicken thighs @ 5lbs each
6-packs ground beef 83% lean @1.5lbs each
1-Snickers bar-threw in to bring out of negative balance (DH ate it so it's not pictured)

And to pay for all of this:
27-KY jelly-$1.16 in overage each after $3 coupons!
Total after all coupons and with surcharge: $.42
I saved $126 this trip and $10.36 in the Walgreens trip!