Thursday, October 23, 2008

Free groceries and Free money!

Chicken is on sale again, so I'll be stocking the freezer this week with chicken. It is $.57 a pound at Fry's. I got one whole chicken and two packs of drumsticks for a total of about 9 pounds of chicken. I got 4 boxes of Oatmeal and 2 booxes of the Oatmeal to go bars for $.50 each and 2 loaves of bread for $1 each. I also got more free Shamrock milks and found some more glade! The glades are $4.99 each and I have buy one get one free coupons, so I pay $4.99 for every two. But each one I buy prints out a $4 off coupon, so I get $8 back for every two. This is how you make money at the grocery store!

Since my order was over $40 before coupons, I was able to use 2 of the $5 off $20 Freash & Easy coupons. I also used 5 of the $4 glade catalinas from previous purchases. I spent $4.10 cash oop, and $3.81 of that was tax. Somehow I got 9 of the $4 glade catalinas back even though I only bought 8. So I got $36 back in cat's to spend on anything in the store! Free money! :)

Oops, out of dog food!

We were out of dog food this morning. Instead of running out and paying full price for a big bag, I decided to head to Walgreens since I have coupons to spend there and deals I can work. I cam home with 5 cans of dog food- enough for today and tomorrow, 3 bags of Ramen noodles-the kids wanted some of these for lunch, and 1 Gillette razor. The razor was $4.99 after my $4 coupon and gave me another $4 catalina. I used a $5 and a $4.50 catalina on everything and paid $1.61 on my gift card, so no oop. Now I have time to find a good deal on dog food where I don't have to spend very much oop. At least, that's the plan. ;)

State fair day and RX gift cards

Yesterday was homeschool day at the state fair. This means we got in for free and got in early, before the fair opened to the general public. We also got free parking, though we had to walk a little ways. The kids got 3 free rides each by turning in book reports at the fair. It was also $1 rides day, but we didn't buy any extra rides as we all were worn out after everybody rode their 3 free rides. We brought our own lunch, snacks, and water and they had several water stations in the kid's areas, so we were able to refill the bottles easily. We looked at art, crafts, petted lots of different animals, learned how to milk a cow, and played cowboy. There was an awesome kids area with lots of free fun stuff for the kids to do. They bounced and tumbled on gym mats, played with building blocks, and raced around a race track on little cars. We spent over an hour just in this play area.
The only expense for the day was gas and $1 hamburgers for dinner as I was way too tired to cook! We had a lot of fun though and boy did the kid's sleep well last night!

I ran out last night to pick up a prescription for my daughter. I had a $25 gift card coupon from CVS that I got in the mail. Her medication was $9 for my co-pay, so I mde $16! I now have a free $25 gift card to spend at CVS. This is how I get a lot of my gift cards that I use for groceries so I spend even less oop. Of course, when I got home, I found out Safeway had a $30 gift card coupon on their new ad. But it's good through 11/30, so I have time to use it on something else.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A little more deal hunting

I went to Walgreens again to get some cards. I had a $10 catalina to use, so I got 2 cards, 1 Gillette razor, 1 Oral b toothbrush, 1 carmex (a staple here in the valley of the sun), and 1 milky way. I got a $4 catalina from the razor which I used on the toothbrush and candy and I got a $4.50 catalina back from that. I spent @ $1 oop in cash. (I forgot my gift card.)

I went to Fry's next to get some of the case lot deals since I hadn't had much chance to shop this week. They were out of a lot that I wanted and would not hand out rain checks. :(

I got 42 cans of Campbell's Spaghettios and Spaghetti-free with coupons, 2 cans of hunts Spaghetti sauce-$.77 each, 2 cans Fry's evaporated milk-$.77 each, 1-5lb bag of flour-$1.47, 1-48oz Vegetable oil-$2.37, 6 Shamrock milks-free, 2 Dole salads-free with coupons, and 25 softsoap hand soaps-free with coupons. I used a $5 off $20 coupon and paid $2.63 cash oop.

Walgreens,Safeway, and Albertson's deals today

I did some running around today, so I stopped at Walgreens to do some of this week's deals and use some of the new Pert plus coupons that we got on Sunday. (making $1 on each bottle with the new coupon and the walgreens coupon in the rebate booklet combined.) I got 10 bottles of pert, 1 Gillette razor, 1 Oral B crossaction toothbrush, 1 Alka seltzer plus cold, and two packs of girl's underwear (5pks) that were marked down to $3.19 each. I spent 1-$4.50 catalina and @ $10 on a gift card (from last month's rebates). I got back in catalinas: 1-$4, 1-$4.50, and 1-$5; total of $13.50 in cat's back.

I stopped at Safeway to look for the glades since they were out everywhere else and found 8. I used a $5 coupon and two $5 gift cards along with the buy one get one free coupons and spent @ $14 oop and I got back $32 in catalinas. I could have spent less oop by buying one set and using the cat's for the next few, but I wanted to use my $5 off coupon and my total had to be $50 to use it. (I bought some stuff for my friend on my order too to reach the $50.) I will most likely use these catalinas at Fry's.

I visited two different Albertson's and snagged 30 boxes of Eggo's. I had more coupons, but I gave them to my friend since I didn't have enough for another 10. (You had to buy 10 items to get the sales price.) I paid nothing oop for these since they were free with coupons and no food tax in that part of town. (In the area closest to me, there is a tax on food.) This may seem like a lot, but I doubt there will be any left within two weeks. :)

Quick run to Fry's for dinner

I made a quick un to Fry's last night since we had nothing for dinner. I found these packs of chicken thighs marked at $.57 a pound, so I grabbed all four. (A total of 13.8 lbs.) I also found some of the Shamrock farms Rockin' refuel milks that are on sale for $1. These are free with the coupons that came out on the 12th. I grabbed 9 of those since that's all the coupons I had cut out right then. I then grabbed some more Cottonelle (which is still free with the $.50 coupon) since you can never have enough toilet paper, and that coupon expires soon, and a bag of flour, which was $1.47. I used a $5 off $20 fresh & easy coupon and one $4 catalina form the glade deal and I paid $.70 cash oop. The kids all enjoyed a free milk with the free dinner! :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

End of the Month Shopping

I did a few shopping trips Tuesday for the end of the month and end of the week shopping deals.

I went to Fry's twice. My first trip I got: 5 Cottonelle-free, 10 Land-o-lakes butter-free, 4 Glade plug ins $3.58 total and got $8 back in catalinas, 2 lbs rice and @ 3.5 lbs of Chciken thighs. I used a $5/$20 fresh & easy coupon and 1-$2 catalina and paid $2.37 oop. I then got 5 boxes of Kroger waffles and @ 4 lbs of grapes. I used the $8 catalinas from before and paid $.45 oop. I also got a bunch of rain checks since they were out of most everything I wanted.

I used all my $2 pert plus coupons that expired 9/30 at Walgreens. I got 9 bottles and made $1 each! I used that overage to buy a Fusion razor ($4.99 after $4 coupon and got $4 RR back), 1 Oral-B toothbrush ($3.74 after $.75 coupon and got $4.50 RR back), 4 packs of Trident gum-these were b1g1 free and I had b1g1 free coupons, so all 4 were free, and I grabbed 1 nail clippers as a filler.

And I hit the Commissary to use up the last of my Kraft free coupons and some Renuzit coupons since the sale ended on those 9/30. Unfortunately, they were out of the tri-scents, so I didn't get those. I'll have to hope for a sale somewhere else on those before they expire. I did get 10 Glade wisp candles for free, 2 Kotex, 2 Totinos pizza rolls, 5 Kraft dressings, 5 packs Oscar mayer hot dogs, 5packs Kraft singles cheese-all free. I grabbed 45 packs of koolaid to go with those Kraft coupons @ $.15 a pack. Deli creations were $.50 with coupon on the box. I got some items we needed: Alpo 17.6lbs dog food, 3lbs of Bananas and 5lbs of potatoes. I used the dove hair products and the Taco seasonings for overage and I paid @ $5 oop of which $5 was surcharge. :)