Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pizza for $1 Today only!

Papa Johns is having a special today only: $1 for a large one topping pizza. You need to sign up for email alerts here: $1 Pizza signup then you will get a one time use code in your email you can use to order pizza online! Sign up early- good for the first 2500 only.
Yay for cheap pizza!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Making Money Fast!

I haven't been out to do much shopping this week since I crashed my computer (kind of on purpose) and I have spent most of the week restoring it and reloading everything. But as the constant deal hunter I am, I was still able to make $66 for groceries and I did it fast!
How? Prescription coupons! I love these! My poor husband had a root canal this week and though I felt for him in his pain, I was secretly thrilled since he came home with 3 prescriptions in hand. And as a well-trained husband, he came home to get me first before he went to get them filled. I grabbed a fist full of prescription coupons and headed over to Fry's. They let me use 3 of the $25 CVS coupons, since they take competitors pescription coupons, so I ended up with $75 loaded on my Fry's card. The 3 prescriptions cost me only $9 total. So I made $66 to spend at the store in less than an hour!
So, don't forget, if you have a visit to the doctor, dentist, or just regular prescriptions to fill, don't forget to look for prescription coupons first. They can be a great money maker, or at least help you get some of your money back that you normally spend on your meds.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Some deal hunting today

I needed some ink for my printer, so I went to Office Max. I had $21 in rewards to spend there (from turning in empty ink cartridges). They had a deal this week where you get a $10 gift card for buying HP ink multipacks. I noticed the one color I was out of was $19.99 for the double pack, so I grabbed one and some markers that were on clearance (not pictured) and used my rewards. I paid about $2 oop-mostly tax and got a $10 gift card back. Then I went back and got a double pack of black ink. These were more expensive-$35, but I used my $10 gift card and got another $10 gift card back.

Then I went to Kohl's. I had a $10 off anything coupon I got in the mail and I saw these sandals on sale in the ad for $11.99. I was able to find them in my size and I only paid about $2 for the shoes with the coupon and after tax. I am set for the summer now!

I made a stop at the commissary to pick up some stuff for dinner. Again, I paid just over $2 oop for all of this. I had overage from the KY of course and I had one of the $4 pace coupons for some nice overage on the salsa. I also used more of the free marcal coupons for the toilet paper and I have about 20 left to use by the end of the month. I also got some Little debbie donuts in this tip, but they didn't make it into the photo. ;)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Fry's triple/Quadruple trip

Here's what I got on a quick run to Fry's for the triples and quadruples. I paid about $5 oop for everything shown and I saved $149.61 or 97%!

Here's the breakdown:
Yakisoba microwave meals-free after coupons
Fast fixin chicken nuggets-free with coupons if you join their club online (They give you 10 coupons)
Quaker Quakes-free with coupons
Kraft BBQ sauce- free with coupons and get a $3 catalina when you buy 6! (You will only get one catalina for $3 if you buy more than 6, and you can buy 4 and get $2 or buy 5 and get $2.50. But don't buy more than 6 at a time.)
Kraft salad dressing $.17 with coupons
Strawberries- on sale for $1 but free with $1 off produce when you buy 2 Kraft dressings coupon
Tony's pizza- free with Fry's coupon I got in the mail
Hunts ketchup- $.70 with coupon
Betty Crocker pouch potatoes- free with coupons
Weber grill seasonings- free with coupons
Dial hand soap- free with coupons
Cool whip- $.49 each after $1/2 printable coupon
Crab Classic-free with printable coupons

A lot of good stuff free this week and I'm sure I haven't even found all the free stuff yet!

Doubles, Triples, Quadruples, Oh MY!

This week, starting today, Albertsons is doubling and tripling coupons and Fry's is tripling and Quadrupling coupons! Both are up to $1 only, which means a $.25 coupon would be $1 at Fry's and a $.35 coupon would be $1 at both stores.
I am excited as the grocery deals have been lackluster lately. I will share my shopping trips this week when I get out to go shopping. If you had a great trip, post a link in the comments for us to see!

Walgreens $5 coupon

Good only Wednesday and Thursday- a $5 off $25 coupon for Walgreens:
$5 off wyb $25

Keep in mind this coupon is only good after all walgreens and manufacturer's coupons are used. That means after all coupons (including RR) your total has to equal $25 before tax. I will probably put together a scenario with a lot of the RR deals to use this coupon and get a large amount of RR back. I will spend more oop, but should be able to get all of it back with RR. At least that's the plan. :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Doing the Rain dance (rainchecks) and a little Walgreens

I did a quick run to Walgreens this afternoon and picked up 4 of the Phisoderm face washes. These are on sale b1g1 and are $4.99 plus most have $2 peelies on them. So, using a coupon for each one, I paid $.99 for every two or about $.50 each. I also got 2 bottles of the Pert for men- on sale for 2/$5 and used 2-$1.50 coupons to pay $2 for both and got back a $2 RR. I threw in some Ramen noodles (my kids love these for lunches) and used a $5 RR. I paid just over $1 oop with tax.

I then stopped at Fry's to do some shopping with Rain checks. I had rainchecks for everything and of course, coupons. The cheeses were $.50 each and the rest was free after my coupons. I got 11 Sargento shredded cheeses, 18 Pillsbury pizza crusts, and 30 Land O Lakes butter and paid a little over $5 oop including tax.
I love rain checks, they are a great way to extend the sale to allow yourself time to collect more coupons. But you have to remember to use them! I had more rain checks, but these were the only ones I had left that were not expired.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Two short term freebies! Free chicken meal and free 8x10 photo

Here are two freebies only good through tomorrow!
First is a free 8x10 photo from Walgreens, good tomorow only (Wednesday 5/6) online.
Order your 8x10 online and use code: MOTHER You can also get 25 free prints when you buy 25.

The next freebie is actually good through 5/19, but you have to print out your coupon anytime today or tomorrow, but no later than 9pm CDT tomorrow (Wednesday 5/6).
It is a coupon for a free Kentucky grilled chicken 2 piece meal from KFC. You get 2 pieces of chicken, 2 sides, and a biscuit for free! You can print 4 coupons and it's a limit of one coupon per person. This was dinner for us tonight and I have to say the chicken was pretty good. Print your coupons here.

Friday, May 1, 2009

End of the Month Rush

I haven't done much shopping lately as I've been doing some late spring cleaning. But I had some good coupons that were expiring on 4/30, so I ran out last night to try and use at least some of them. I went to the commissary since they had the Marcal toilet paper 12 packs. I had 30 coupons but they usually only have 10 packs on the shelf. So I figured, I'd only get 10 packs and not be able to use the other 20 coupons. BUT, when I walked in, right in the front of the store was a huge display with the Marcal toilet paper! I was so excited! I filled up one cart and my husband went and grabbed another. I got my 30 packs of toilet paper and only took about half of the display. (well, maybe a little more than half, but still plenty left.) I had 12 of the free coupons left for Marcal, so I got 12 more boxes of tissues. Since these coupons scan at $1 and the tissues were only $.79, I got overage on these. I also had coupons for $2 on pork, $1 on Orange juice and $1 on eggs, so I stocked up on those too. I got 10 packs of pork chops and all were under $2, so more overage. Then I got 12 cans of frozen OJ-$.99 each, so free with coupons and 10 dozen eggs-$1.24 each, so $.24 with coupons. I still had 6 more egg coupons left, but I didn't think we could get through that many before the expiration date. But while we were in line, there was a young guy in front of us who commented on the eggs and TP in our cart. ("Looked like we might be egging and tp'ing someone's house") We laughed and my husband explained that I was using coupons and they all expired tonight and the guy was interested when we told him how much the stuff was going to cost us. Then I asked if he were buying any eggs because I had extra coupons. He wasn't but wanted some, so he ran back and grabbed 4 cartons of eggs and I handed him 4 coupons. He was so excited and thanked us numerous times and told the cashier amd several other customers how he was getting the eggs for $.24 a dozen thanks to the coupons. It was fun to see and I was happy to help him. I remember those days of being young and having limited funds. (especially in the military!) I paid about $20 oop including the tip.
After the commissary, we were rushing to get to the movie theater since I had one more free ticket that expired last night too. We didn't make it in time for the movie we wanted to see, so we got tickets for another movie (17 again) that didn't start for another hour.
Since we had extra time, we then went to Walgreens and I was hapy to find a Breeze 2 monitor. I have only found one more since Sunday, so this was great! I paid $1.21 in tax for it and got my $5 RR back. Then I used that $5 on the Nivea body wash (and a $1 Nivea coupon) and grabbed some Ramen for he kids for lunch as fillers. I paid $.66 oop and got a $5 RR back for the Nivea. Then we went back to the movie and I was pleasantly surprised as the movie was much better than I expected. Even with the shopping thrown in, it was a great date night!

Earlier this week, I did this shopping. I stopped at walgreens to get a new mophead since ours was falling apart and I picked up some ecotrin and Bayer quick release since they were both free after RR. I had a $1 coupon for the Bayer too, so that was a money maker. I paid for it all with RR and spent less than $1 oop and I got back a $2 and a $2.50 RR.
Then I went to Safeway since we needed dog food and I had catalinas that were close to expiring. I got 4 bags of the goodlife dog food and used 2-$3 printable coupons and 2-$2 printable coupons. I also got 2 electrasols and used the $2.50 coupons and 2 no yolk noodles using the $.75 coupons. All of these were part of the living well promotion, so I got another $10 catalina back. I also got 3 of the small cans of pillsbury crescent rolls and 3 small cans of pillsbury cinnamon rolls. I used $.25 coupons for one and $.30 coupons for the other making them $.69 and $.79 each. For each 3 that I bought, I also got back a $3 catalina, so these were a money maker too! Since I used catalinas to pay ($14 worth of cat's), I paid only $2 oop, most of which was tax and I got back $16 more in catalinas to use next time.